About Us

The Cobblestone has been a fixture in the Cobble Hill landscape since 1983. Prior to the family taking ownership, this was the location of the Cobble Hill division of The Cowichan Creamery, which was a hub around which many aspects of community life revolved from 1895 to the early 1940s.

From these humble beginnings, The Cobblestone Pub has outgrown itself six times, and is still looking to grow into the coming years.

On June 1st, 2018 the pub suffered a devastating fire which had operations closed for 13 months. All contents were lost, but the rebuild has begun. You will see many additions in time as we build back what took us 35 years to create.

Since its inception and throughout all the years of operation, the Cobblestone is proud to say that we have always been family owned. This commitment to family and community has strengthened our ties to the community and more specifically, to numerous charities, organizations, and groups in the Cobble Hill area.

As we move into our 36th year of serving up good-times and cheer. We will always maintain our commitment to high quality and value, giving the best in service and keeping the Cobblestone as your neighborhood pub.